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Hooking up with the Buenos Aires internetz – written for geeks only!

The only things I have missed during my half year in Buenos Aires, apart from my friends, have been fresh air, sourdough bread and Iranian food. But lately I have also felt I need something here like the crowd around Sweden Social Web Camp. We are all about the internet – but the internet is also local, with local interests, challenges and trends. Also, the internet is not so great at kicking back together with a few cold beers.

Enter Hacks Hackers BA, a new network of journalists and programmers which met for the first time yesterday night, organized by Mariano Blejman, editor of Pagina12:s supplement about digital culture.

Martin Sarsale tweeted before the meeting (in my translation from Spanish):

”Hey, we need more programmers for @HacksHackersBA; we’re unbalanced in favour of those who write for humans!”

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